Who We Are

Mission Statement

Koepon Holding is building long-term relationships with its customers by creating added value for them.

It is improving the profitability of the herds: by supplying reliable genetics and high-quality service and products concerning reproduction and management.

Introduction to Koepon Holding

Koepon Holding is a dynamic, innovative player in the global dairy industry, working each day to improve profitability for modern dairy and beef producers throughout the world.

At Koepon everything starts with the customer. Modern dairy and beef producers want a trouble-free, profitable herd they are proud of. Koepon Holding makes this goal possible with high-quality products, solution-focused advice and most importantly, with their well trained and motivated employees who have a passion for their job and for the industry.

Koepon World Map

Since the profitability of a farm starts with a pregnant cow, the emphasis at Koepon is on the management and breeding support for progressive dairy and beef farms.

Our breeding programs are supported by only the most modern techniques, and focus is on obtaining a strong, healthy replacement.. that will one day develop into a trouble-free, long-living and high-producing cow.

Koepon Holding is firmly established in the international dairy industry.