We love dairy!!!

Our most important sister companies are the Koepon Dairy Farms. These farms are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, and Poland. These operations are milking more than 2700 cows and raising more than 2500 heifers. The majority is Holstein, with a new 600 cow Jersey herd in Germany.

“I am proud to be able to call myself a farmer”, is a well-known statement by Wijnand Pon, the founder and owner of Koepon Holding. The Koepon Dairy Farms confirm the fact that the organization is firmly grounded in the dairy industry. The farms are characterized by modern facilities and management systems, and the application of new technology. Every farm operates at a very high level in terms of both milk production and profitability.

These farms show excellent numbers, with for example the Scottish farm having a calving interval of 378 days, and the Dutch farm producing an average of 11.700 kg/year!

KDF Illustration