Alta Genetics Inc

Alta, the world’s largest private AI company

Part of Koepon Holding is Alta Genetics, the largest privately owned AI company in the world. With sales totaling over 15 million doses of semen and an annual growth of at least 10%, Alta is a global leader in dairy genetics.

Alta’s growth is exceptional. Extreme focus on the quality of its product – a dose of semen – has made Alta the leader in terms of fertility. High semen quality is essential to obtain a successful pregnancy. This continuous focus on fertility has contributed to Alta’s astonishing growth over the past several years. Dairy and Beef farmers recognize the special qualities that the Alta products and Alta employees bring to their operation. The unprecedented growth in sales compelled Koepon to invest in expansion of its production capacity by about 50%. To be a global leader in terms of genetic gain, Alta uses the latest state-of-the-art science in the area of DNA – genomics. Now all bulls and bull dams are genomically tested in order to identify the best possible product and subsequently make it available to the customer. This technology will have large implications for the breeding world and for dairy farming in general. Alta Genetics recognizes the importance of this innovation and is therefore investing heavily to be a leader in this respect as well.

Besides dairy cattle, Alta is also an important player in the beef breeding world. With a growing stud of beef breeds in North America and a strong group of tropical breeds in Brazil, Alta Genetics is one of the global players in this field. In Uberaba, Brazil, Alta has its own large, brand new AI station which focuses on tropical beef breeds as well as tropical dairy cattle, sheep and goats. In Canada and Argentina, Alta houses European beef breeds such as Angus, Brangus, Braford, etc.

Mission Statement

Alta Genetics builds long-term relationships by creating value for its clients. It improves the profitability of individual herds by delivering trustworthy genetics and high-quality reproductive and management services.

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